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Solid Waste Complex
400 N. Durrett St
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Jul 10 - 11 2020


8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Rubbish Round-up!

City of Crockett

Summer 2020 Community Clean-up Event


It’s Spring clean-up time! Delayed a bit due to Corona virus, but it’s now here. It’s a perfect time to round up all the rubbish that is too big and bulky to be picked up by regular garbage service – such as old appliances, furniture, electronics. Don’t forget automobile tires, old lumber, paint cans, and scrap metal. All that rubbish!

What do you do after you round up the rubbish?
Bring it to the dumpsters that the City is making available to City residents/property owners* for Spring clean-up. (The dumpsters are not available for solid waste from commercial establishments or contractors.)

Friday, July 10th, and Saturday, July 11th, from 8 am–3 pm each day or until the available dumpsters are full. Please do not wait until the last minute to bring items. The site might close early if all dumpsters are full.

At the City’s former Solid Waste Complex – 400 N. Durrett St.

Only three items have a fee.
Tires – The following fees will be charged to pay the tire recycler fee:
$2 for a regular sized auto/pickup tire; $10 for an over-sized or commercial tire; $25 for a tractor tire. No off-the-road tires will be accepted.
Old Tube TVs and CRT Monitors – A $25 fee for old tube TVs and CRT Monitors to pay the electronic recycler fee (STS Electronic Recycling).

Call 544-5156, Ext. 201, Monday – Friday, 8 am – 12 noon or 1 pm – 5 pm.

*Note: Use of Dumpsters is limited to residents living or owning property within the city limits. Residents must show a copy of their water bill or driver’s license as proof of residency or a copy of a code enforcement notice.