Rubbish Round-up!

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Fall 2019 Community Clean-up Event

Need to get rid of old appliances (refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.), furniture, computers, or old televisions? What about automobile tires, old lumber, paint cans, or scrap metal? All that rubbish!

If you are a City resident/property owner*, now is the time to round up that over-sized rubbish and take advantage of being able to bring it to a dumpster for free, with the exception of three (3) items.


One day only – Saturday, October 26, from 8 am–3 pm.


400 N. Durrett St. (Old solid waste site.)


  • Tires – The following fees will be charged to pay the tire recycler fee – Earth Energy Tire Recycling: $3 for a regular sized auto/pickup tire; $11 for an over-sized or commercial tire; $25 for a tractor tire. No off-the-road tires will be accepted.
  • Old Tube TVs and CRT Monitors – A $25 fee for old tube TVs and CRT Monitors to pay the electronic recycler fee (STS Electronic Recycling).


Call 544-5156, Ext. 201, Monday – Friday, 8 am – 12 noon or 1 pm – 5 pm.

*Note: Use of Dumpsters is limited to residents living or owning property within the city limits. Residents must show a copy of their water bill or driver’s license as proof of residency or a copy of a code enforcement notice. The dumpsters are not available for solid waste from commercial establishments or contractors.

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