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The City of Crockett seeks to provide financial transparency and accountability. On this page  you will find online documents for the Annual Budget, Annual Financial Report, Debt Service Payments, Hotel Tax Reports, and other documents related to keeping our citizens informed about their local government. You will find these documents posted here on our government transparency page.

The fiscal year of the City of Crockett begins on the first day of October of each year and ends on the 30th day of September in the following year. The fiscal year is established by the Home Rule Charter and also constitutes the budget and accounting year.

An annual budget proposal is submitted to the City Council by the City Administrator no later than August of each year. After a public hearing, the City Council may revise the proposed budget as deemed necessary and then must adopt the budget with a majority vote prior to September 1st.

The budget provides a complete financial plan for the fiscal year which begins on October 1st and ends the following year on September 30th.

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What is the sales tax rate for the City of Crockett?

The sales and use tax for the city is 8.25%. The State of Texas receives 6.25%, the City receives 1.5%, and the County receives 0.5% of this tax. The proceeds from the City’s portion of this tax are used to support the general operations of the City and to provide funds for infrastructure improvements and economic development. Specifically, 1.0% of this tax is deposited in the General Fund of the City, 0.5% is allocated to the non-profit Crockett Economic & Industrial Development Corporation (established pursuant to Section 4A of the Texas Development Corporation Act of 1979), to make infrastructure improvements and develop financial incentives to attract economic activity to the community.

Property Tax Rate

The City’s property tax rate on real property is $.596791 per $100 of assessed value. In other words, the owner of a $100,000 home, would pay the City $596.79 in property taxes. These taxes are collected by the Houston County Appraisal District through an inter-local agreement between the City and the County. The proceeds from this tax are deposited in the General Fund of the City and used to support general operations such as police and fire protection, street maintenance, parks and recreation, library service, general finance, and administrative services.

For more information about property taxes in Houston County, visit the Houston County Appraisal District website here.

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