Water & Garbage Service


The Water Office personnel are responsible for providing assistance with application, billing and customer support for City water and garbage services. If you have questions or need help with your water or garbage service, please call or contact us. The water office’s normal business hours are 8:30AM to 12 and 1 to 4:50PM, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. You may also visit the water office during these hours. A drive-thru window is normally open during lunch hour for water payment drop-offs. Other payment options may be found in our FAQ here. The office is located at City Hall, 200 N. 5thStreet, Crockett, Texas 75835.

Online Bill Payment

Water & Garbage Service Application

If you need to start new service, please use the online form to submit your application. You may also download the form to fill out or come by City Hall to complete the application.

Billing & Payment FAQs

You will receive a bill near the end of each month, usually on or after the 25th.

Payment is due by the 10th of the following month after the bill is received.

Cash, checks, money orders, credit cards (service charge will be added), and cashier’s checks.

You may:

  • Mail a payment to City of Crockett Water Office, 200 N. 5thStreet, Crockett, Texas 75835
  • Make an online payment at our website here
  • Pay in person during our water office business hours by coming inside or using the drive-thru window
  • Drop off a payment at the night deposit at the water office’s drive-thru window when we are closed. Please do not drop off a cash payment.

A late charge of 15% of the total bill will be added to your account, and a late notice will be mailed to you showing the new total amount due.

If your bill is not paid by 4:50 pm on the 25th, we will schedule a disconnect for the next business day that falls on a Monday –Thursday. We do not disconnect on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, or on holidays for which the City offices are closed. On the day of a scheduled disconnect, a disconnect can occur as early as 7:00 am before the water office opens.

  • Example #1: The 25th falls on Wednesday. Disconnect will be scheduled for Thursday, the 26thif it is not a city-observed holiday.
  • Example #2: The 25th falls on Thursday. Disconnect will be scheduled for Monday, the 29th, if it is not a city-observed holiday.
  • Example #3: The 25th falls on Saturday, and Monday is a city-observed holiday on which the City offices are closed (e.g., Memorial Day). Disconnect will be scheduled for Tuesday, the 28th.

You must pay a re-connect charge of $50 plus the full amount of the late bill before 4:50 pm Monday –Friday to have your service reconnected. If it is your third disconnect within a 12-month period, we may also request that you pay an additional deposit before service is reconnected.

We will charge you a $30 returned check fee. If it is your second time to have a returned check, you will be required to pay your current and all future bills by cash, money order, or cashier’s check.

Water Rates

The following rates are effective October 1, 2018:

$24.67 –Base Water Rate
$0.489 –Per 100 Gallons

$34.71 –Base Water Rate
$0.489 –Per 100 Gallons

$49.34 –Base Water Rate
$0.978 –Per 100 Gallons

$400.00 –Monthly Service Charge
$1.90 –Per 100 Gallons

Sewer Rates($1.06 Meter Fee/SSO Compliance)

The following rates are effective October 1, 2018:

$24.67 –Base Sewer Rate
$0.242 –Per 100 Gallons

$34.71 –Base Water Rate
$0.242 –Per 100 Gallons

Water Quality Report

Each year, the City of Crockett is required to conduct a water quality test and release the report to the public. The report can also be downloaded from the folder below:

Garbage Services

Garbage collection services for the City of Crockett are provided by Waste Connections located in Palestine.

Trash Collection and Recycling FAQs

Establishing, Changing, and Ending Service

Come to City Hall located at 200 N. 5th St. or call the City of Crockett Water Department at (936) 544-5156, extension 205 or 206. They will guide you through the enrollment process. Garbage will be billed on your monthly water/sewer bill.

To change your residential or commercial service, call the City of Crockett Water Department at (936) 544-5156, extension 205 or 206.

Come to City Hall located at 200 N. 5th St. or call the City of Crockett Water Department at (936) 544-5156, extension 205 or 206. They will guide you through the cancellation process. Please note you may only end service if you are moving out. City ordinance requires that all residential and commercial accounts in the city have solid waste (trash) service with the private contractor collecting solid waste for the city.

Service Days and Times

All residential customers will have one time a week automated solid- waste collection. The private contractor collecting solid waste for the city establishes the routes and schedules.

Filled poly-carts need to be placed curbside by 6:00 am on each collection day.

Please contact the City of Crockett Water Office, at (936) 544-5156, extension 205 or 206.

Please contact the City of Crockett Water Office, at (936) 544-5156, extension 205 or 206.

The only three holidays affecting Waste Connections’ schedule are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. When garbage collection days are affected by one of these holidays, everyone’s scheduled collection that falls after the holiday will be pushed back by one day for that week. Friday service customers will be picked up on Saturday.


The poly-carts are wheeled, hold 95-gallons and have the dimensions of 46” (H) x 26” (W) x 34.5” (D). The carts are green with black lids.

No; Waste Connections is automated. Their trucks are outfitted with equipment specifically made to pick-up the poly-carts and commercial bins you will receive.

Each resident is provided one 95-gallon poly-cart. Extra poly-carts are available and can be ordered through the City of Crockett Water Department, at (936) 544-5156, extension 205 or 206. The extra cart fee is $5.28 per month and will be charged to your monthly water/sewer invoice.

Your poly-cart should be placed within two feet of the edge of the street.  Do not place your cart(s) in the street or the ditch.  Reminder:  Filled poly-carts need to be placed curbside by 6:00 am on each collection day.

Please keep at least three feet of clearance around each cart. If your cart is placed too close to an obstacle for safe pick up, your cart might not be emptied.

Yes; bagging trash prevents spills during the automated collection process.

No; to avoid animals tearing into bags and spreading litter, the City requires that all garbage be contained in your commercial bin or in your poly-cart. Remember, the truck is fully automated.

The carts are physically designed for ease of movement. They are easily tipped back allowing for transport. The wheels are designed for varying terrains.
If you need curbside assistance, please contact the City for front-door collections. This service will be provided for resident(s) who, by virtue of age or disability, would suffer a hardship if required to place a container at the street for curb-side collections. Applications shall be made to the City on a form prescribed by the City. The City will provide the Contractor with updated lists that identify persons who qualify for front-door collections.

Costs and Billing

Trash is billed with your monthly water/sewer invoice, and payments are made to the City of Crockett. Cash, checks, money orders, and credit/debit cards are accepted.

Residential rates are $19.77 per month.

The commercial curbside rate is $31.98 per month

FAQs - Recycling, Large Items, Yard Waste

The City does not have a curb service recycling program. If you want to recycle, you may bring cardboard, plastic, aluminum, and tin recyclable materials to the residential drop-off site located at 2600 Caddo Lane on the 3rd Saturday of the month between the hours of 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Glass is not accepted as a recyclable material.

The City usually holds a spring and fall community-wide Large Item Drop Off event that is announced via the local radio stations, newspapers, and our website. Outside of these events, all bulk or large items can be taken to Waste Connections (Hutto Garbage Service) located at 962 FM 229, just outside Loop 304. Waste Connections (Hutto) charges for drop-off. Operating hours (except holidays) are Saturday only, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. You may contact Waste Connections at 903-723-4670 if you have questions about use of this site.

Yard waste is not collected curbside. The City of Crockett maintains the Solid Waste location of 2600 Caddo Lane for the specific purpose of collecting yard waste. Per City Ordinance, there is no charge for Crockett residents using the site for yard waste if they present their most recent City of Crockett water bill. If you do not have a City of Crockett water bill or you are a contractor, an appropriate fee will be accessed at the gate. Operating hours (except holidays) are Monday – Friday, 9:00 am -12:00 noon and 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm. Phone number is (936) 544-8391.

The above list of frequently asked questions and answers have been prepared to help guide our residents and businesses regarding solid waste collection.  The list will be updated periodically.  If you have any additional questions, please call us at (936) 545-5156 extension 201 during normal business hours of 8 to 12 and 1 to 5, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Another source for information is the Waste Connections website:

Garbage Collection Schedule by Weekday and Street

1st Street – Old Lovelady RoadDesign DriveMLK Jr. Blvd.
2nd Street – SouthDobbs StreetOak Street – West
3rd Street – SouthDouglas StreetPainter Avenue
4th Street – Hwy 19 – SouthDunbar – SouthPalado Woods
Armanda Ave.Fannin Ave. – WestPine Street
Ash StreetGary StreetRalph Bunch
Austin Street – FM 2110 – WestGeorge Briggs DriveRhodes Street
Barnhill DriveGeorge Briggs StreetRose Street
Bell Ave. – WestGibsonSan Antonio Road
BonhamGrant Street – WestSheridan Street
Burleson Ave.Hall Street – WestSowescor Street
Cedar CircleHoward AvenueSunset Drive
Cedar StreetJohnson AvenueSycamore Street
Commerce StreetLabelle StreetThomas Street
Cottonwood Street – SouthLeroy Avenue – WestWalnut Street
Curtis StreetLewis CircleWooten Ave.
Curtis Street – WestLoop 304-Hwy 7 (21) to 19Young Street
Dallas StreetLovers Lane 
Darlus StreetMagnolia Street
5th Street – FM 2712 – SouthCulley StreetJ B McDuff Drive
Alabama StreetEdmiston DriveKentucky Drive
Alamo AvenueEnterprise DriveLoop 304 – Hwy. 19 to 287
Alice StreetFair Street – SouthMayflower Lane
Anson Jones AvenueFairview StreetMemorial Road
Beasley DriveFannin Avenue – EastPark Street – South
Bell Avenue – EastFlorida StreetPaul May
Bradshaw StreetForehand StreetSanders Street
Brazos StreetFrye StreetTexas Avenue
Caddo LaneHooks StreetWells Street
Clark Ave.Industrial Park Blvd. 
2nd Street – NorthForest Lawn RoadPecan Circle
3rd Street – NorthGoliad Ave – Hwy. 21 – WestPecan Drive
4th Street / Hwy. 287 – NorthHomewood Drive – EastPineview Drive
Arledge Avenue – WestHouston Avenue – WestPineview Terrace
Birch Street – WestLamar AvenuePlant Road – North
Burtis StreetLoop 304 – Hwy 287 to Hwy 21 – EastPlum Street
Cypress StreetMaple StreetPolar Lane
Della Bates StreetMcMearn StreetSallas Street – South
Dogwood – NorthMilam AvenueSheridan Street
Durrett Drive – NorthMillside AvenueSimms Avenue
Durrett Drive – SouthMontgomery AvenueSpence Avenue
Elm StreetNavarro RoadStokes Street
FM 2076 – Halls Bluff Rd-W. HoustonPatterson AvenueTown Branch
FM 229Pease Avenue – FM 229Westside Drive
  Wood Ave.
5th Street – NorthHarold StreetQuail Trail Circle
6th Street – NorthHouston Ave. – Hwy 21 – EastRedbud
7th Street – NorthLamar Ave.Robin Hood Circle
9th Street – NorthLincolnshire LaneRolling Hills Drive
Cordell StreetLoop 304 – Hwy 287 to Hwy 21Rosewood Drive
Dodson DriveMilam AvenueRunnells Avenue – East
Dogwood DriveMimosa DriveRusk Avenue – East
Downes AvenueMonroe StreetSan Jacinto Avenue – East
Easy StreetMontgomery AvenueSpring Avenue
El Camino DriveNorth Park StreetSterling Court
El Camino RealOverstreet CircleWillow Bend Drive
FM 2022Park Street – NorthWilson Avenue
FM 3313Peach StreetWoodland Circle
Foster Street – NorthPeach Street – NorthWooley Drive
Gordon Drive – NorthPease AvenueYorkshire Drive
Grace Street – NorthPolk Avenue 
Green Meadow DrivePorter Road
6th Street – SouthClark AvenueKemp Street
7th Street – SouthCochino RidgeLakeway Drive
8th Street – SouthCorto StreetLazy Lane
9th Street – SouthDixie DriveLoop 304 – Hwy. 287 to Hwy. 21
10th Street – SouthEl DoradoMary Lee Lane
11st StreetEnchanted Estate DriveMeadow Lane
12th StreetFM 2712Milage Way
Ann StreetGlenview StreetMitchell
Aspen BendGoliad Avenue – Hwy. 7 – EastPinecrest
BrennerGrace Street – SouthPlantation Drive
Briar LaneHackberry StreetSwanee
Broxson CourtHagan StreetTrailwood Drive
Burnett Avenue – EastHeathTwin Drive
Charles StreetHeather StreetViewcrest Street
Christy LaneJoe Kale Road

Commercial Bin Service

Rates are based on bins in sizes of 2, 4, 6 and 8 cubic yards with options of 1 to 5 days per week pick-up. Additionally, if your particular commercial entity produces an excessive amount of corrugated cardboard and currently sets out cardboard for City collection (separate from your dumpster) you’ll be given the option to pay an additional $36.14 per month for continued cardboard collection. Alternatively, if you now chose to place cardboard in your dumpster, you’ll need to assess whether or not your particular entity will require additional dumpster service. For example, if you have a 6 Cubic Yard dumpster with (1) day per week tipping service at a monthly cost of $156.83 and you now begin to add cardboard to the dumpster, your weekly tipping service may increase to a minimum of twice per week if not more frequently. This would result in a minimum monthly increase of $81.35. The option of paying $36.14 more per month for separate cardboard collection service is a less expensive option.

Bin Size (Cubic Yd)1x per Week2x week3x week4x week5x week
2 CY$65.93$113.33$162.80$214.92$256.66
4 CY$110.00$201.72$293.37$391.49$476.69
6 CY$160.59$280.90$410.88$543.33$670.89
8 CY$201.72$403.56$608.52$807.15$1008.92

Weekly Commercial Cardboard Collection is $370.01 per Month

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